27-11-2019 Hellfest

Bon soir! Things just keep getting crazier... we will be playing the amazing Hellfest in la douce France next summer. Come drink with us on Saturday!

28-10-2019 Sickness Before Christmas

Check out this awesome line up!

20-09-2019 New Metal Festival 2020!

Slaughter in Slovenia again next summer! Metal Days presents New Metal Festival 2020!

06-09-2019 Mixomatosis Split EP

Out now! Our super duper limited to 50 copies split with Mixomatosis, featuring live tracks from our performance at Carnage Feast in 2014! Our very first 7 inch release! Order through Infecció Underground Productions!

21-06-2019 Summer Breeze Open Air 2019

Check out this line up! Great to return to this awesome festival after 4 years Summer Breeze Open Air 2019!

07-06-2019 Flesh Party Open Air 2019

Flesh Party Open Air 2019 here we come fuckers! Tomorrow 21:50 show time!

28-05-2019 Live video

Cool video of our show at Outch! Extreme Metal Fest in Dommarien, France last weekend.

24-05-2019 Deathfeast Open Air 2019

Awesome flyer for a most excellent party in August at Deathfeast Open Air 2019! Ultra sick line up, many friends on the bill, who else will we see there? Spass machen guaranteed!

11-04-2019 Reurn to Portugal

Return to Portugal! We'll be anticipating on absurd alcoholic antics at XXXAPADA 2020!

29-03-2019 Masters Of Grind

Final flyer of this awesome fest! Looking forward motherfuckers!

28-03-2019 Rectalic Smegmacht

Hein and Ruud (our guitar player and bass player) are now official members of the Rectalic Smegmacht!

18-03-2019 Deathfeast Open Air

We are stoked to join the party at Deathfeast Open Air 2019! Come pledge your allegiance to the Reinheitsgebot!

14-03-2019 Live video

"Genophobia" live at Obscene Extreme Festival 2018!

12-03-2019 Outch! Festival

Bonjour France! In May we will come visit you for a 2nd time this year, at the awesome Outch! Festival. Plus de fromage de bit dans ton cul woohoo!!

12-03-2019 Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2019

Looks like we're gonna end this year with a bang once again, we're playing the longest-running extreme metal indoor festival of the Netherlands! Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2019 are you ready for a party?!?! We better see some sinterklazen and kerstmannen in the moshpit for this one!

09-07-2018 new T-Shirts

Brand new shirt with design by Roberto Toderico, available at Rotten Roll Rex!!

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