11 february 2017: UK Beer Binge

And more good news, we'll be travelling across the North Sea this October to invade Britain for the UK Beer Binge. Three days of absolute madness that will end with us headlining the Forced System Festival on Sunday. Be prepared, and bring us your ales, lagers, bitters, porters and stouts and make the UK Beer Binge live up to its name! A big thank you to Carlos for making this happen!

28 january 2017: Rompeprop cover

Recording a cover song (PikzwarteflikkerTak) from our dutch brothers Rompeprop for the tribute cd that will come out this year on Splattered Zombie records!

23 november 2016: Brutal Rampage Tour

So, we barely survived the Brutal Rampage tour! Ten rough but amazing days of morning vodka shots, turd sandwiches, earwax moonshine and other countless moments of drinking and partying! We as a band owe a huge amount of gratitude to Doomstar Bookings for making this tour possible and smooth! Furthermore, we thank and honour our brothers Leski, Tony, Ryan and Kyle of Gorgasm, Edu, Cherry, Thiago and Lauro of NervoChaos and Denny, Phil, Clemens and Conor of Pighead for an amazing time, all the partying, help and senseless fun. And a deep bow for both Gino the merch bitch (love you, brother!) and the best bus driver in the world, the Mighty Detlef! 5-6-4-9 for life!

20 october 2016: Moscow

About 2 days we go back to the beloved Moscow, it's been four years since we've done a show there. We are looking forward to it! party mode on!! Ypa!

18 october 2016: Rotterdam Deathfest

Our last show from our tour with Gorgasm Awesome line-up!

20 september 2016: Unites States Of Alcoholics

We made it into the Unites States of Alcoholics, drinking in New York!! Playing Philadelphia at Kungfu Necktie on Friday and Useless Christ Fest at Saint Vitus on Saturday! Living the American dream!

24 april 2016: Gnork Pre-Order

The "Gnork" CD, shirts and bundle pre-order CD with 3 free stickers and large poster! Send an e-mail to or visit Official release date is 05-05-2016! Order now fuckers!

19 march 2016: Video Gnork

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present you the video for the titletrack of our new album GNORK, set to release next month through Rotten Roll Rex. Insanely stoked for the results and can't wait to play this song live for all you drunk fuckers! Enjoy!

10 march 2016: Fekal Party

Check out this killer line up right here! This is gonna be good!

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